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Social Enterprise Collaboration

Enhanced teamwork for higher productivity

Work together - anytime and anywhere

Work together - anytime and anywhere

With our native apps for iOS and Android your team stays connected at any time.

Garooda automatically synchronizes your office with your mobile workforce. It's perfectly suited to coordinate craftsmen, technicians, sales staff or home workers.

Keep everyone up to date and enable your workers to easily communicate among each other.

Master all your projects

Master all your projects

Manage simple tasks or complex projects alike - even on your mobile!

Get detailed live information on which task is being processed by whom, at what time and place.

Garooda automatically connects all conversations, files, time sheets and other data to the right task.

Improve customer experience and loyalty

Improve customer experience and loyalty

Enable your customers to interactively engage with your team.

Just invite them to Garooda and they can immediately use the messenger to chat with the workers assigned to their task.

Once invited, your customers will also be able to track the work progress of their order in real-time.

If you have to work at your customers' site, Garooda will automatically inform them as soon as one of your team members is on his way.

Locate your staff and assets

Locate your staff and assets

Facilitate corporate planning by tracking your workforce and vehicles in real-time.

You can also set up beacons for presence verification and to locate your equipment.

Garooda also helps you to optimize scheduling and routing as it automatically takes into account travel times.

Have your own social enterprise network

Have your own social enterprise network

Boost personal interaction within your company by providing familiar means of communication.

Set up chats and groups just like with your private messenger apps.

The team feed allows you to share information and to discuss it within your team. You can easily comment on a post or like it with a single click.

Share information quickly and easily

Share information quickly and easily

Share any kind of information like photos, videos, documents or spreadsheets with your team.

Attach as many files as you want to any task. Garooda connects and organizes everything by itself. This helps you to easily find relevant information later.

You can upload alomost any file format.

Evaluate operations in real-time

Evaluate operations in real-time

Garooda provides you with live data for every task and worker.

This allows you to plan your projects dynamically and to decrease response time when tihngs are not running as the should.

The integrated location-based services enable you to track woking time at your customer's site.



Smart Business Communication

Garooda tracks all user actions and makes them transparent to everyone involved.

It streamlines communication within your company and beyond.

This way it improves team collaboration and increases your company's operational performance.


Regular Updates

We will continuously update Garooda and add new features. Just download the latest version of Garooda on the App Store or on Google Play and you're done.

Quick Configuration

Set up new teams and manage user roles within minutes. Simply invite your team members and Garooda is operational from day one.

Straightforward Interface

Garooda offers common interfaces which you already know from other apps. This allows for a smooth user experience and higher acceptance within your company.

Free for up to three users!

Use Garooda with up to three users at absolutely no cost!

All features available on iPhone, Android and web.

No subscription. No credit card required.

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